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Wellness Hotel V Nebi

Место монтажа: Příchovice 627, 468 48 Příchovice, Jizerské hory
Год монтажа: 2019
Страна: Czech Republic
Тип заведения: Отель
WWW реализация: Wellness Hotel V Nebi

The motto of this luxury hotel is: “Rest and Relaxation”.

Forget the bustle and stress of today and pamper yourself. Location at the edge of Příchovice village in Izera Mountains, off the main road traffic in the vicinity of nature, will contribute to your absolute relaxation and the pleasant experience of a perfect holiday. For this purpose, V NEBI Wellness Hotel offers spa stays and relaxing weekends for your full satisfaction throughout the year.

Thanks to its position on the boundary of Izera Mountains and the Giant Mountains, and the altitude of 850 meters above the sea level, the hotel windows overlook the wide surrounding region; from Bohemian Paradise and Black Well Ridge up to Liberec and Ještěd mountain peak. The beautiful surroundings with the dominant Štěpánka observation tower are ideal for pleasant walks and hiking trips. In winter, enjoy wonderful cross-country skiing, or try downhill skiing on perfectly groomed slopes in nearby ski resorts with artificial snow and evening skiing.

You can find Blue Vision 623 in the kitchen.

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