Retigo s.r.o.

Spyros Metaxa

Место монтажа: Pilies g.5 , Vilnius, Lithuania
Монтаж осуществила компания: Resvile
Год монтажа: 2015
Страна: Lithuania
Тип заведения: Ресторан
WWW реализация: Spyros Metaxa

Restaurant has been established in 2002 with Greece cuisine. The restaurant is located in the old town of Vilnius.


Could you please give some examples of the cooking results coming out of the Retigo product(s)?
Food quality is getting better when you make it with retigo . Highly functional and chef friendly design focused on results and safety. Cooking becomes much simpler. When you are heating the food it looks like you've just made it! Food remains juicy and soft. 

Which benefits has your Retigo product brought to your facility?
Retigo combi ovens feature a functional design refined to the last detail, intuitive control and excellent insulation properties. Besides this, they offer advanced functions that include automatic cleaning or economic water and electricity consumptions. 

For which reason would you recommend the Retigo product to other facilities?
Nonmagnetic stainless parts as well as minimum plastic parts are used to survive in tough conditions. Precise temperature and steam control, excellent even cooking, high steam saturation and multi cooking possibilities are dedicated to satisfy your guests who will always like to come back to enjoy your food. Precise control even with oily fingers or gloves. 

What does RETIGO product mean for you just in a one word?

Lola Sakanis